Thursday, November 11, 2004

Boss Archetypes

For a fun read, see the Omaha World-Herald's recent article on good boss/bad boss archetypes. We like the mini-portrait of former PepsiCo exec Michael Feiner, who has won the respect of many employees, bosses and peers. And he's written a book: The Feiner Points of Leadership.

His message: A great boss doesn't need a larger-than-life persona, and leadership isn't composed of heroic gestures and brilliant insights. Rather, it's the unglamorous and old-fashioned work of building relationships, being committed to employees' success and holding them accountable. Feiner's laws of leadership, as he calls them, came from witnessing other bosses' mistakes, as well as his own. He recounts some of his management goofs in his book, but mostly he helps would-be bosses understand how to lead people rather than manage them.


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