Friday, November 26, 2004

Yale Professor: "Validate the Vote"

See Yale Law School Professor Ian Solomon's op-ed today in the Baltimore Sun. Solomon, who participated as a poll-watcher in Florida, makes the case for evidence over "blind faith."

The legitimacy of our democratic process is an issue more important than Mr. Kerry's future or the results of 2004. That legitimacy has been called into question repeatedly over the past few weeks, and doubts will linger as long as credible indications of error, negligence, disenfranchisement and fraud are not addressed.

We would like to believe that voting irregularities were identified and corrected, that participants fulfilled their duties appropriately, that the machines performed reliably and that the total discrepancy between voter intention and recorded results was less than the margin of victory in relevant contests.

But that conclusion must be reached on the basis of evidence, not blind faith. My own observations as a volunteer poll watcher in Florida do not give perfect confidence.


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