Friday, February 04, 2005

Faux Memo

[satire -- case you're wonderin']

The WELLCO Groupe, Coventry, U.K.

Trusted Employee:

Without violating any privacy laws or “civil rights,” it has come to our attention that you recently used the WELLCO network to access the U.S.-based, and that you have begun designing a “blog” under the Internet address of Let us be clear right from the outset: we couldn’t be more excited about this endeavor! WELLCO applauds your exercise in the “right to free speech,” which someday may be protected under the constitution of the European Union, which WELLCO may or may not be subject to in the very distant future. And we admire the “template” you have selected, given the large assortment of free-but-extraordinary artwork on And we have no problem at all that you are using the corporate network for your private, literary projects. None at all! We are profoundly impressed by this "blog" idea of yours -- how did you think of it? Well, here are five easy tips for ensuring your blog is as successful as your idea is original.

CONTENT IS KING. Our resident media-relations specialist, Colin Brimley (eMBA, University of Warwick), has made a thorough study of the ranking rules and has determined that ... content is king! That is, if you desire to raise the ranking of your “URL” on Google, make sure you frequently use the same terms in your daily “postings.” Hint: avoid using tired cliches like “I hate me boss,” or “WELLCO is @#!&,” for few of your readers will ever search under those phrases. Instead, use cheerful, highly “optimised” phrases such as “Coventry-based company posts record earnings,” “WELLCO loves bloggers,” or “Ronald McDonald House rocks!”

GOOD LINKS. If content is king, “links are the Queen,” quips the erudite, fairly compensated Brimley, who, incidentally, has started his own personal blog at Brimley is right! Without a carefully selected list of popular sites on your “blogroll,” you might as well “throw in the towel” as our American friends at might say. But avoid the tired, ordinary sites favored by nuisance-making bloggers. Give your blog some zing by linking to wildly popular destinations such as,, and

NO-DRESS CODE. You've heard the rumor that WELLCO terminated an employee for posting inappropriate photos of herself in half-dress, half-uniform? Not true! WELLCO encourages all its employees to “express themselves,” as our esteemed, well-attired American friends are prone to say. Feel free to link to, where you and your readers can purchase discounted t-shirts, baseball caps, and American-style beer bottle holders with beautifully rendered illustrations of the Coventry Ladies Madrigal Society tastefully modelling the tri-colored WELLCO logo.

FINANCIAL TRANSPARENCY -- A MUST! You've heard the rumor that WELLCO terminated an employee for posting sensitive data on executive compensation? Not true! But why bore your readers with numbers they can't understand when you can “point” to the lively, colorful "Phun Numbs!" page at, listing our charitable contributions to organisations such as the WELLCO PHUN FUND, the WELLCO TRUST PHUN, and the Ronald McDonald House? Be an “upper not a downer,” as our esteemed, admired, drug-addled American friends are wont to say.

KIDDIE BLOGS ARE ALSO PHUN! Without overtly violating any privacy laws or “civil rights,” we have also learned that your six-year old daughter, Helen, has begun designing a blog under the Internet address of Go to we’ve posted some very cool, highly optimised links that Helen can “tag,” including a brilliant site featuring free and righteous ringtones from,, and Don't be a sad dad -- let Helen be “rad,” as our esteemed, retired, obscenely wealthy American friends can't help but say.

Happy bloggin!


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