Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Michelle Delio

It's taken us a long time to post on this subject. A respected freelance journalist is undergoing a thorough examination of her career. Why? Because two stories that she posted for the MIT Technology Review were corrupted by false testimony provided by an anonymous source. The Review retracted the stories -- the right move -- and an investigation into Delio's oeuvre has ensued.

We've hesitated to write about this because we are a long-time fan of Ms. Delio's work, and because we are most inclined to believe that she is innocent. The media/PR blogger world has been quite silent on this subject, and we think we know why: Ms. Delio's record suggests that this is not Stephen Glass territory, and as media bloggers we must pause before fanning the flames that threaten to consume yet another journalist.


Adam Penenberg, a contributor to and a journalism professor at N.Y.U., will be conducting an investigation into the hundreds of articles that Delio wrote for that publication. Penenberg, you may recall, was the reporter in 1998 who broke the story of Stephen Glass's fabrications in The New Republic.


Infoworld has modified its online version of Michelle Delio's cover story this week, noting that "certain quoted material has been removed because its veracity could not be confirmed." The subject of the cover story? Corporate blogging, as noted here. A strange twist of fate: one of the most important stories on corporate blogging -- the new engine of corporate transparency
-- is collateral damage in the war for transparency.


Blogger GABE said...

How outrageous of Delio to now say after Wire admitted to finding hundreds of 'sources' that could not be found, that they ere just for 'color' and it did not change the facts of the stories so who cares!!!! OMG..she's a JOURNALIST???

3:30 PM  
Blogger GABE said...

How outrageous of Delio to now say after Wire admitted to finding hundreds of 'sources' that could not be found, that they ere just for 'color' and it did not change the facts of the stories so who cares!!!! OMG..she's a JOURNALIST???

3:31 PM  
Anonymous Bob Bear said...

I knew Michelle when she worked at Tattoo Review. She was an individual with integrity and intelligence

3:17 PM  
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