Friday, April 08, 2005

"Someone is Selling Google Ads for Your PR Blog"

Fascinating post by Constantin Basturea. A new (potential) evil is exposed....


Good, evil, or just business? An interesting debate has ensued on Constantin's site. Not everyone is bothered by this practice. There may be a larger issue at play here: who has the right to sell ads for your copy in a no-copyright world. Will more bloggers adopt the Creative Commons "some rights reserved" protection? Seems like the right move -- most bloggers will not mind that their content is getting additional distribution. But when that content makes money for others, you can be sure many will object.

B.L. Ochman called up the offending blogger, Don Crowther, and concludes that he made "an honest, if clueless mistake."

What Crowther did wrong:

- didn’t ask our permission. While he could have made it seem like a privilege to be included, he ended up looking like a thief
- he didn’t include the name of the blog or the blogger as all newsreaders do
- he didn’t respond quickly enough when the conversation began.

What’s he’s done since:

- asked permission and given an opt-out option to bloggers who don’t want to be included
- said he’ll get the blog names in the headlines
- posted a response on each of the blogs discussing him


All of this makes me wonder how we prolific bloggers really can cover our backs and our butts. I had a guy sell stuff that I give away free. And when I told him to take it down he told me to have my lawyer call his lawyer. That was pre-blogging. Now I’d publicly whip his sorry ass.

The other question it raises is how to apologize for a mistake made in full view of the world. The answer, in my opinion, is full disclosure, quickly and politely. Crowther didn't respond immediately, but he responded. He made changes. You have to give him credit for that.

POST-POST-POST-SCRIPT, 4/11: B.L. Ochman has changed her mind again. It's time we call her. Stay tuned.


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